Beta Evolutions

Beta Evolutions is a set of mods, plugins and an API allowing for better support for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Multiplayer. Beta Evolutions fixes Skins, Sounds, Authentication and more.

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Beta Evolutions Launcher

The Beta Evolutions Launcher allows for the easy creation of a portable installation making it easy for players and users to download and install Beta Evolutions.

Beta Evolutions Jar Mod *FULL

Beta Evolutions can be installed by downloading a Jar Mod which can be applied to the game using launchers such as MultiMC, and Magic Launcher. The mod modifies many classes which might lead to some incompatibilities with other mods.

Beta Evolutions Jar Mod *Auth Fix

A slimmed down version of Beta Evolutions can be downloaded which only provides authentication. This version of Beta Evolutions doesn’t include a skin, cape or resource fix and only edits classes that are generally not modified by other mods. This version should be compatible with most mods allowing for authentication with servers.

Manual Authenticator For Windows *exe

The Manual Authenticator allows for a user to verify their Username and IP with our authentication servers by logging in to their Mojang Account. The Authenticator will generate a session that will last for 48 hours allowing for users to automatically authenticate with servers using Beta Evolutions. The process can also be automated from the command line if a user chooses to do so. PLEASE NOTE: Virus scans can sometimes classify the file as a virus which is a false positive.

Beta Evolutions Server Plugin (B1.7.3)

The Beta Evolutions plugin provides custom events and methods allowing for servers and plugins to easily talk to our authentication API. Plugins like Authme can listen for successful Authentication allowing users to skip authentication and e.t.c. The Beta Evolutions plugin not only makes utilizing our API easier.